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Playing Rules Booklet
2014 Playing Rules


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Go Rivercats!

Contact Lou Coppola (916-444-6138).


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Purchase your Team Photos
CLUB PICTURES. Lou Coppola has been busy photographing teams. Members may purchase a team photo for $3. Check with your managers.  


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Batting Stats (2013 and Earlier)

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Safety Coordinator J.C. Terry has compiled a list of GSSCS members who are trained and certified to provide CPR/AED assistance.Red_Hat copy.jpg

The club has provided two Red Cross training opportunities for members this year, at no cost to the members who took advantage of the classes. This continues a safety program launched years ago by the late Jerry Jodice. Here is the list, which has 39 names:

Jim Jackson, Chuck Knutson, Donald Shank, Jon Ellison, John Taylor, Michael Immoos, Curtis Holcomb, Ken Taylor, Ron Roach, Joe Sugimoto, Tom Bussey, Cloicec Wade, John Hains, Dick Latimer, Paul Rogers, Dave Tanner, John Lack, J.C. Terry, Nancy Diehl, Trudy Smartt, Bill Greene, Glenn Cummings, Ron Thomas, Al Tirapelli, Richard OʼBrien, Gerry Rohlfes, Ernie Kidwell, Jerry Moody, Don Maciel, Ray Ward, Don Tajbl, Arnold Disney, Joe Kline, Foster Maxwell, George Hodsdon, Casper Greif, Ken Dempsey, Hank Fontes, Lou VeʼLez.

Contact info for J.C. Terry: 505-2570, email



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AED Notes
Heart Attacks and STROKES start a race against time. Ten (10) minutes is usually the maximum time BEFORE it is too late to start to save a person. Less than 5% (percent) will survive without brain damage.

CPR will aid in breathing, but if there is NO PULSE,...AED is necessary! An Automated External Defibrillator is easy to use. It guides you through three (3) basic steps:  

More Details

Basic Steps:
  1. Turning on the machine (if the OK sign is on)
  2. Where to place the pads on the victim's chest
  3. Pressing the AED button when the recorded button says, "SHOCK NOW!"

Think of an AED electronic jolt like rebooting a computer.



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2012 League Champions
View the album here.

GSSCS 2012 League Champions


2011 Picnic Photos
View the album here.

GSSCS 2011 Picnic and Championship Games


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League 1:  Ages 70 plus
Monday 9:30 AM -  12:30 PM
Howe Park
(Howe & Cottage)
League 2:  Ages 60 plus
Tuesday 9 AM - 12 Noon 
Sacramento Softball Complex
(Watt & Longview)
League 3:  CO-ED Ages 50 plus
Tuesday 6:30 PM - 11 PM 
Sacramento Softball Complex
(Watt & Longview)
League 4:  Ages 50 plus
Wed. 6:30 PM - 11 PM 
Sacramento Softball Complex
(Watt & Longview)
League 5:  Ages 50 plus
Thursday 6:30 PM - 11 PM 
Sacramento Softball Complex
(Watt & Longview)
 League 6:  Ages 60 plus
(Invitational Competitive League)
Tuesday 10:30 AM - 12 Noon
Sacramento Softball Complex
(Watt & Longview)


Next GSSCS General Meeting
MONDAY, JAN. 12, 2015
  • 7:30 PM
  • VFW Hall
  • 2784 Stockton Blvd.

2015 Meeting Schedule
September-October 2014 News


In this edition...
  • 35th Season Ends with League Championship Games and Club Picnic.

  • Presidentʼs Message: An Exceptional Year.

  • Sunshine and Health.

  • Scorekeeper Sandy Begg “retires.”

  • Awards of Merit for Don Shank and Pete Ward.

  • Photos, Photos. Photos. And More Photos.

  • List of Sponsors.

  • Short Hops: Fall and Winter Practices. Sacramento Gold in the News. RiverCats. Club Contacts.

2013 Picnic Photos

View photos from the 2013 picnic.  

2012 Picnic Photos

View the album here.

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Attention: Red Hats
Red_Hat copy.jpg
If you have received safety training and are a designated Red Hat, please wear your Red Hat whenever you are playing a game (or are at the field).



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